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Our Clients 

New Exhibition Design Format and Guide Lines Book

EDISON Exhibition Design Format, we create the World Edison Exhibition Design Format with Interior and Graphic Design integrated with digital Communication.

Graphic Designer Laura Caleca

Spa and Pool Design in Luxury Private House

and Hotels

Hotels Spas and Pools GalleryPublic_Wellness_and_Pool_Design.html
Luxury private Home and Super Yacht Spas and Pools GalleryLuxury_House_Wellness_Yacht_Design.html

Experiential journey

in the Bosca Unesco World Heritage Cellars in Canelli

Multi Sensory Experience, interactive light and contents in an historical place: Video Mapping, Video Projection, Light Design, Sound Design ed Art Gallery.

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Video mapping, Set and Light DesignVideo_mapping,_Set,_Light_and_Sound_Design.html
Retail, Corporate and Exhibition DesignRetail,_Corporate_and_Exhibition_Design.html
Hotel Wellness and Pool DesignPublic_Wellness_and_Pool_Design.html
Luxury Private Spa and Pool DesignLuxury_House_Wellness_Yacht_Design.html
Chi siamochi_siamo,_about_us.html

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Retail and Communication Design: pilot stores, chain shops in International Locations.

Corporate and Exhibition Design: Offices, Showrooms, Expositions and Events.

Design of Spas, Pools and Game Pools in Hotels, Resorts and Fitness Clubs.

Luxury Houses and SuperYachts Spa and Pool Design: Exclusive Interior and Technology Design.

Digital Entertainment, Infotainment, light and Scenography Design.

All our Corporate, Retail, Entertainment and Wellness projects have as primary objective to create spaces within which the "Person" (customer, user, operator) finds his Balance and can feel well.

Sustainability is an other indispensable value in our projects. Sustainability and Saving in the project concept fase and at the end in the operational management.

Finally the Beauty, like maximum expression of Wellness and Well Being in balance with the space around us.

All our projects have strong technological component with the aim of: simplify spaces use (technology aparates hided), Entertain and Infotain the regulars of our spaces.

Public spaces projects in “EBA Design”: Hotels, Spa, Public Spaces.

First Philips Lighting Pilot Store, in London.

PHILIPS  We made the design and  communication format for the first Philips Lighting shop in Uk.

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“Super Yacht Spa”

A new Wellness project takes the sea.

Special Projects for Shipyard 
It is a loto of yera that we collaborate with Shipyards for wellness, pools and jacuzzi projects on Super yachts .....

continue >>Luxury_House_Wellness_Yacht_Design.html

Design Technology Product for the Human Wellness in the Architectural Space

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International Network

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             An Italian company has developed a solution aimed at combining technology, wellness and multi sensory objects to produce light effects on internal environments and produce relax or impact on humour of people......

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