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New Exhibition Design Format and Guide Lines Book

Public spaces projects in  “EBA Design”.

Evidence Based Approach, Italian Design, to Business Market.

EBA Interior Design is a format of Interior and Technology Design, Evidence Based (EBA), applied to every kind of architectural context: from fitness to wellness; from hospitality to retail; from healthcare to public spaces as airports, museums, cinema or malls.

A New Project Approach born by partnership between Flyproject and Area3.

Flyproject has met the expertise about human motion, human-environment interaction and multisensory of Area 3- A Human Motion Lab, a company located inside the Scientific-technological hub of Sardinia Region of Porto Conte Ricerche in Alghero. 
The proposal, coming from this new partnership, combines Technology, Italian Design and Aesthetics Taste, with an Evidence Based Approach, with the aim to design environments with a beneficial impact on the persons .

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EDISON Exhibition Design Format, we create the World Edison Exhibition Design Format with Interior and Graphic Design integrated with digital Communication.

Graphic Designer Laura Caleca

News and New Ideas

Spa and Pool Design in Luxury Private House

and Hotels

Hotels Spa and Pools GalleryPublic_Wellness_and_Pool_Design.html
Luxury private Spa and Pools GalleryLuxury_Private_Pool_and_Spa_Design.html

Experiential journey

in the Bosca Unesco World Heritage Cellars in Canelli

Multi Sensory Experience, interactive light and contents in an historical place: Video Mapping, Video Projection, Light Design, Sound Design ed Art Gallery.

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Yachts Jacuzzis and Pools custom made

Flyproject’s new custom made jacuzzi design project to install on a luxury yacht. Pictures preview of work in progress and soon the realisation completed ones.

Flyproject and Area3 at Sinnova, Sardinia's innovation Expo 2018 with “Eba”

Flyproject with Area3 will show their Interior and Technology Design Format “Eba Evidence” at Sinnova in Cagliari, 11th and 12th of October 2018

Video mapping, Set and Light DesignVideo_mapping,_Set,_Light_and_Sound_Design.html
Retail, Corporate and Exhibition DesignRetail,_Corporate_and_Exhibition_Design.html
Hotel Wellness and Pool DesignPublic_Wellness_and_Pool_Design.html
Luxury Private Spa and Pool DesignLuxury_Private_Pool_and_Spa_Design.html
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